How to make Chatroulette fun

You have probably heard of Chatroulette by now, but if you haven’t, here’s a quick rundown: it’s a webpage created by a Moscow student which allows you to chat completely anonymously by both text (much like Omegle) and video, through your webcam.

Before you head right over, a word of warning – it’s full of oddbods engaging in a touch of onanism, so if you’re at work, easily offended or genuinely of sane mind, perhaps you shouldn’t click here.

The absolute most fun thing you can do on Chatroulette isn’t trolling for boobs, like 98% of the audience, it’s pretending to be something you’re not. Much like earlier ICQ pranking and such, but way more fun because you can see the reactions of your randomised victim. After receiving attention in high-profile, but far less classy than TechEye, publications such as The New York Times, the site was reaching around 500k unique visitors a day this month alone.

That means there will always be fresh meat, perhaps the curious, perhaps the elderly, perhaps the naive, gullible or new to the internet. Here are some snaps we got:



All of these are sourced from Ted Pilman’s FANTASTIC YouTube channel here – again not very work safe, and actually, not very mind safe either. Here’s how you get your own results.

Do a quick Google for the program ManyCam and you’ll stumble here. ManyCam is a virtual webcam program that lets you stream whatever you fancy. Download, install, open and make sure you uncheck ‘Show Logo’ on the Text over Video tab for increased authenticity.

Next you’ll need to find an appropriately bizarre video or picture. YouTube is perfect for webcam feeds – so find yourself a favourite and head on over to KeepVid to download a high quality .mp4 file, not the .flv.

Next up convert your .mp4 to a .avi file using whatever program you like. We used Pazera.

Load up your source in the ManyCam program, play your video, make sure to set loop to ‘on,’ head over to ChatRoulette and enjoy spooking the everliving crap out of people with your HoboVidz. A tactic we heard and like is using a feed of some cute, innocent kid on a webcam – you’ll have the onanists falling out of their chairs trying to unplug their webcams.

Last of all, we recommend using IrfanView for screen-capping ease, so you can capture your exquisite troll forever.