House of Lords to tweet nap time

The House of Lords’ press department has got incredibly excited about signing up to Twitter.

This is democracy and it’s transparency, according to the Lords of the Land, or at least their communication team.

The Lords claim to have started the first cross-party blog to promote what it is the Lords get up to, and Twitter is, of course, the next logical step.

We’re assured that @UKHouseofLords will be tweeting all sorts of interesting tid bits. We should follow the account to know just *how* the UK is being helped by the unelected aristocrats, and that’s fine.

But if watching Parliament TV has taught us anything, it’s that one thing the Lords can unanimously vote for is an early nap on those lovely padded  red benches.

What we are demanding from @UKHouseofLords is a live-tweet update of which well-paid wig wearer is napping, and when.