Homeland Security plays NBC Universal anti-piracy propaganda

The US Federal Government departments, including Homeland Security, are running propaganda movies secretly created and owned by NBC Universal as part of its anti-piracy campaign.

For a while now, Tech Dirt had been wondering why government bodies had been running a series of misleading videos which seemed to put the movie studio’s case and statistics on piracy.

Only after the hacks got a freedom of information request in, did New York City admit that its recent “Stop Piracy in NYC” video was given to it by NBC Universal. The same videos started to pop up at Homeland Security shin-digs.

It creates a bit of an alarming situation where so-called public information flicks, which are supposed to be balanced and issued to the great unwashed, should be outright propaganda from the movie studios.

Tech Dirt points out that it was a bit like the Federal Drug Administration running flicks on healthy eating that had been made by a chain of fast food restaurants. Or if the Treasury ran a movie on legitimate investments made by Goldman Sachs.

Given that Homeland Security has started to arrest file sharers acting on tip offs from the movie studios, people should wonder who is actually paying.

It would appear that the tax payer is actually funding a private police force for NBC Universal which not only arrests who it likes, but is distributing its propaganda too.