Hollywood hits Mega site with copyright notices

Kim Dotcom’s Mega file sharing site has been stung with 150 copyright warnings since it opened 11 days ago.

Dotcom launched the fire sharing website late January and has already had 150 copyright complaints.

However, according to Computerworld.com, Dotcom is not letting this pressure from Big Content get him down. In fact, he is using it as proof that he really is legitimate.

Ira Rothken, one of Mega and Megaupload’s many attorneys, said the service has reacted promptly to copyright violations, Computerworld reported.

Rothken said that Mega doesn’t want folks to use its cloud storage services for infringing purposes.

The site allows people to store 50GB of content for free that can be shared among users, which would have been an invitation for piracy in the good old days.

However, Dotcom has claimed that he designed Mega to avoid copyright infringement allegations that marred his previous site, Megaupload.

In this case, all content has been removed after Mega received a valid notification of copyright infringement.

We guess he has learned his lesson after police illegally broke down his door to arrest him and US authorities acting on orders from Big Content seized all of his servers in the US.