Here are the Top 10 MP Tweets as General Election looms

With the UK General Election looming, politicians are doing everything they can to win the British publics votes.

Although in the past many have claimed that they will not be depending on social networking sites to win votes, the Twitter debate is hotting up with many MPs using it as a forum for criticism, back stabbing and their own policies. We’ve put together a top ten of the best political Tweets out there.  

Nadine Dorries (Conservatives)
Lib Dems are like Coke Zero, after a while you want to go back to the real thing.

Labour’s failure to tackle benefit dependency has led to the cost of benefits to drug and alcohol addicts reaching £5bn

Nick Hurd (Conservatives)
The Liberal candidate was wearing an “I agree with Nick” badge at the school hustings this morning. Which was nice of him.

Harriet Hormone (Labour)
Surreal Tory demo at Ipswich Sure Start. Parents and children love Sure Start. Tories love tax cuts for millionaires. Vote Labour

Jeremy Hunt (MP for South West Surrey and Shadow Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport)
Gordon Brown just made biggest gaffe of campaign but denying responsibility for Labour leaflets

Nick Clegg (Lib Dems)
Malaria still kills more people worldwide than AIDS, that’s why I’m keen to support World Malaria Day and #endmalaria

David Milliband British Foreign Secretary and Labour candidate for South Shields:
Jack Straw didn’t have his soapbox to meet his ward organisers but it was impressive. So was the Ivy Street Community Centre

Labour Party
Vote LibDem and get Tory who will CUT Jobs CUT Nhs CUT Police CUT Education CUT Child Credits & RAISE Taxes

Tom Watson (Labour)
Clegg picking a fight with everyone. He may regret that.

Tessa Jowell (Labour)
Beautiful day. I’m off to eat some Liberals.