Her Brittanic Majesty has a Facebook page

You know who turned up wanting to be my friend on Facebook the other day? Only the bloody Queen of England.

It seems that her Royal Majesty wanted to get the common touch and mingle with the great unwashed by having a Facebook presence.

The only difficulty is that actually doing all the usual Facebook nonsense means that you risk being beheaded for breaking all sorts of Royal etiquette.

For example looking up our Burks “Ettiquette for Oiks” it is just not the done thing to poke her Majesty. Nor can you offer to friend her unless she friends you first.

If she posts a picture, the only comment you can make is “bravo your majesty”. “Nice Jubblies” could get you sent to the Tower, or a job as a sub-editor on the Sun.

Mostly the Facebook site will say what One is up too. However it will not include her thoughts or tips for the 2.30 at Derby.  Which is sad because her Mum did quite well out of Ladbrokes although Liz never lets on. 

She is not the first Royal to have a Facebook page – Prince William ran one about his tour of New Zealand in January.

But he did not run it. It was posted by the Kiwi Government. Unfortunately it did not feature the well- heeled Eatonian being cooked in a hangi and eaten with a liberal garnish of Poha and some steamed eels. But we can’t have everything.