Half of companies worried about Web 2.0 and social media

Over half of companies are worried about the security of “Web 2.0”, including social media outlets like Twitter. Twitter recently saw a major exploit affect thousands of people, but companies still do not understand the security implications or how to best make use of social notworking.

Research from security vendor McAfee, which was recently acquired by chip giant Intel, shows that businesses are concerned about the safety of Web 2.0 and are facing difficulties due to being unable to adapt to the rise of new technology.

Social media is already an established and important tool, and is still growing, but 60 percent of companies are worried about how websites like Twitter and Facebook will affect their reputation.

Eight percent have ended up with litigation or legal issues due to employees disclosing confidential company information, which goes to show how unprepared most are with education and proper usage of social media.

To deal with Web 2.0, or avoid dealing with it, companies are actively blocking websites. 13 percent revealed that they block “Web 2.0”, while 81 percent said they restrict at least one social media network.

A third cited security concerns as why Web 2.0 is not more widely employed within business.

The report also found that a third of companies lack any formal policy on the use of social media, while a quarter monitor the social media websites their employees use.

Despite the distrust of Web 2.0, three quarters of companies admitted that it has boosted revenue streams. But 40 percent said that the technologies added to marketing efforts and increased productivity.

The report showed Brazil, Spain and India as the leading countries for the adoption of Web 2.0. The UK, US, and Canada are found to be trailing despite the popularity outside the workplace.