Gordon Brown's alleged violence rendered in exquisite CGI

As you’ll know, allegations of Gordon Brown beating the crap out of his staff have been flying around all the UK press for quite some time now. A Hong Kong TV show has taken it upon itself to fully render in exquisite CGI exactly what the lashings may have looked like.

The video was brought to our attention by Current TV – Sky 183, Virgin Media 155 – with this post.  The link is embedded so take a look – the good stuff starts happening at about 40 seconds in.


Here’s our rundown:

0:38 – Gordo is apprehended in a hallway and violently pushes his staffer aside.

0:42 – Gordo Tekken-rushes a member of staff with an epic left hook, duck and diving along the way.

0:46 – Gordo has had enough of his receptionist putting through Ipsos Mori polls about whether he’s out of office really soon and throws her to the goddamn floor. He then goes onto her computer to Tweet about it.

0:54 – Gordo HATES riding in cars so he megathumps the back of a fat guy’s car seat to put the Fear of Gord into the other passengers.

1:20 – A still of a bunch of politicians with the caption “fucking ego” over the top.

This is the best thing we have ever seen on YouTube, and we are totally hyped about Dynasty Warriors: Westminster.

Thanks @jordanstone  for bringing this to our attention.