Google's autocomplete defamed company, claim

A French court has issued nil points to Google’s autocomplete which might have accidentally defamed an insurance company.

When you tapped in the insurance company Lyonnaise de Garantie, you get the word “escroc” which is French for crook, appearing.

Needless to say if you do this too often you will start to associate the world crook with the Lyonnaise de Garantie which is something no business would want.

The company took Google to court and, according to, Ars Technica the Judge waggled his wig angrily at the search engine and said Aoi Google Non! Google was fined $65,000 which is roughly nothing to the company.

Google had argued that it was not liable since the word, added under Google Suggest, was the result of an automatic algorithm and did not come from human thought.

However, what got the Judge’s goat was that Google was asked several times to sort the problem out and it did nothing. In addition to the fine, Google must also remove the term from searches associated with Lyonnaise de Garantie.

The ruling could cause some trouble for Google in Europe as there are quite a few people and companies out there who may have suggestions for their names that could be considered defamatory.