Google wants to print through the cloud

Google has given an insight into how it will handle printing with its Chrome OS, using access to the cloud instead of relying on traditional operating system drivers.

As the Chrome OS relies on web apps, ‘Google Cloud Print’ is a system of printing which would give them the same printing capabilities as your traditional native apps, which relied on drivers and a local operating system.

Google Cloud

This means that web, desktop and mobile apps on any device can print on any printer, as all major devices and operating systems have access to the cloud.

Apps will use Google Cloud Print to submit and manage print jobs to the right printer with the options that the user wants, and return the job status to the app.

In a blog post, Mike Jazayeri, Group Product Manager for Google, said that although people could access any document from any device, you still needed to install drivers om printers which often made printing impossible.

He said, “Developing and maintaining print subsystems for every combination of hardware and operating system – from desktops to netbooks to mobile devices – simply isn’t feasible.”

Although Google Cloud Print is still under development, it is making the documentation public as part of its open-source Chromium project.

Jazayeri said, “While we are still in the early days of this project, we want to be as transparent as possible about all aspects of our design and engage the community in identifying the right set of open standards to make cloud-based printing ubiquitous.”

This week HP also tried to simplify the printing process, but instead of using the cloud offered printers that could work on any operating system out of the box, without the need for CDs and drivers to download.