Google wants to dominate fashion

Not content with the number of pies it already has its fingers in, Google has decided to take a stab at dominating the online fashion world.

Like many sites already out there will try to monetise celebrity style, a website that will enable users to “get the look” of celebrities like Lady Gaga and Victoria Beckham.

The site is set to work by offering users a series of virtual boutiques judging on each shopper’s personal profile.

Users put in the style of the celebrity they like and Google will keep them informed with links to clothes from other shops – it won’t quite have the e-commerce thing going on at launch as you can’t actually buy directly on the site.

Google doesn’t think this is going to be a problem. It has apparently hired Sarah Jessica Parker to create her own online shop and has also paid a number of fashion bloggers to create their own boutiques.

TechEye spoke to a few people in the industry to see what they had to say about the venture.

It seems no one wants to say much, yet. Big online retailers declined to comment and all one smaller online retailer would say was: “If it links to smaller companies then it could be beneficial but if it concentrates on bigger ones then that could be a problem.”

Agency Robinson Pfeffer is upbeat, too: “It potentially could make an impact on current online retailers but it appears to be more of a portal to online sites rather than a standalone e-tailer. ASOS started off as a “as seen on stars” site but it’s since has broadened its market with designer brands and collaborations as it has identified a strong target market here with the success of sites such as NaP.

“It’s also important to note that many celebrities wear new season clothing that won’t be in stores for 3-4 months so by time the customer can get their hands on it, often the celebrity relevance has been lost unless its a key item for the season. In terms of convenience its a great concept. As the amount of online shopping users increases I would imagine the sites popularity will too.

“At the moment many online fashion users are searchers. They enjoy finding items rather than being given places to look, which takes away the excitement.