Google under investigation in South Korea

Google hasn’t had an easy time of it of late and it doesn’t look like this year is bringing with it any good tidings for the company.

This time Google has found itself in trouble with South Korea’s national police, which has said that its suspicions about the company illegally collected personal information in the process of providing its map service, have been confirmed.

According to Yonhapnews, a cyber crime investigation unit at the National Police Agency (NPA) has been analysing hard drives and related documents seized from a raid on the company’s Korean unit, Google Korea, in August last year.

After wading through the company’s dirty laundry, investigators confirmed that it had indeed harvested and stored personal data in making Street View.

   “We decoded passwords to the hard drives and found they contained personal e-mails and text messages that individual Internet users exchanged through Wi-Fi networks,” an NPA official said.

Ten Google officials have now been ordered to stand up against the police, but true to form Google is denying any wrong doing. It claims it was only , carrying out orders from Google’s main office,