Google to punish overly optimised sites

Search engine Google is about to change its search engine so that sites that are “overly optimised” to please its spiders will be punished.

According to TekGoblin, the search engine wants to level the playing field for other websites who do not concentrate on such efforts. Like TechEye.

There is a feeling that there are bunches of sites out there which do not concentrate much on content but instead make sure that the material they have is designed to excite the GoogleBot and get ranked higher.

Google Engineer Matt Cutts said he wanted GoogleBot to get smarter and to tackle those who are abusing the system. These can include having too many keywords on a page, or have far too many links exchanged.

Google’s search engine is getting a major overhaul and de-prioritizing sites such sites is a small part in the big picture to bring better search results.

He said the changes should be ready in a few months. Google is not evil.