Google to exit China on April 10th – report

It hasn’t a very big presence in mainland China, and it wants to look less evil than it did, so if it decides to abandon search in the People’s Republic it will kind of look good.

There’s a rumour in yesterday’s China Business News that that’s the date for Google to go go go. But we don’t expect one of the starry angels from the Googleplex to comment on that at all.

Google originally got into a brush with China because it announced that it wasn’t going to censor its search site any more.

That provoked a storm of protests from the commissars who run the country, who certainly don’t want a potentially volatile population of one billion people reading stuff the dictators don’t want them to read.

Cnet has got stuff on it here. Last week, the Financial Times predicted that Google was 99.9 percent certain to wave goodbye to the mainland market.

Google is not evil.