Google Street View finds God

Google Street View can apparently find anything including the being that post-modernist philosophers claim is dead.

If you visit Google Street View and pop to here you will see God manifesting over a lake in Quarten, Switzerland.

Sceptics have claimed that the image is most likely to be the result of some sort of light distortion or lens flare, and Apple fanboys claim that it can’t be God because it was not wearing a polo neck and jeans and was not carrying its magical iPad.

Street View cameras have snapped lots of strange images over the years. So far Elvis has not turned up but then again from what we hear he is living on the moon now and only comes back to catch up with his Dr Who episodes.

Still, it is nice that the Almighty who has kept a remarkably low profile over the last couple of thousand years should give his blessing to the beleaguered Google Street View project. While European nations bang on about privacy it seems that Google has been given a vision which has eluded the Church since it was formed by Constantine as a method of getting the population of Rome under control without having to run expensive circuses.

Google has declined to comment on the source of the Swiss lake apparition. We guess it is just a matter of faith in the search engine.