Google spy cars driven out of Bangalore

Google’s spy cars have been driven out of another city.

This time, city police in Bangalore have stepped in to stop the company’s Street View project,  and demanded that its street cars stop taking photos of the streets – we imagine this was a slow task considering Bangalore’s traffic is abysmal.

The demands come less than a month after Google launched the service in the city. It said in a statement that it had temporarily parked up its spy fleet following a letter from the  Commissioner of Police.

“We are currently reviewing” the situation “and have stopped our cars until we have a chance to answer any questions or concerns the police have,” it said.

Last month the company launched its service and decided to use cars as well as strikes – a
specially designed three-wheel pedi-cab mounted with cameras – to visit various locations in the city for taking photographs of public locations.

It said it was allowed to do this following getting the green light from the  traffic department of the city police. However now everything has come to a stop.

The reasons for the police force’s intervention isn’t known although there is currently speculation that it could be that this is part of the restriction on photography by foreigners and foreign firms in India.

It could also be down to the fact that Google hasn’t had a very good track record with its service in the past with allegations of data collection and privacy concerns.