Google “speeds up” search with voice

Search outfit Google thinks that it can speed up the way people search by getting them to talk to their computers. Google boffins claim to have saved precious seconds off their lives by using the technology. However. they admit they will not be happy until we make the web as easy to flip through as a magazine.

Google fellow Amit Singhal rolled out Google’s latest ideas crafted to deliver the knowledge”in the blink of an eye”.


Some Google tweaks involve adding icons to the bottom of mobile search pages that let people do common searches for restaurants, cafes, or bars with a single click instead of having to type in queries.

But it is perhaps Google Goggles which will attract the most headlines. This allows punters with mobile devices to search using pictures and translates languages in photos of text.

Google found that  its mobile ideas worked on desktop computers too.

Speak searches are represented by a microphone icon on the Google search page and apparently their use is increasing. Google said that it needs to get users to think about speech when they make a search.

There is the small matter of having Google understand what the hell you are saying. Americans have a bad habit of not understanding other people in the world, while incomprehensibly understanding some of those strange backwood dialects.

As a result New Zealanders and Cheryl Cole are left screaming into their smartphones as Google searches for the bizarre rather than the ordinary even if we are talking like you do to an elderly person who voted for Margaret Thatcher.