Google searches kill polar bears

Canadian greens are claiming that the internet is churning out too much carbon and a search on Google will cause the emission of one to 10 grams of carbon into the atmosphere.

With 60 million Facebook status updates each day, 50 million daily tweets and 250 billion emails per day suddenly polar bears are sunbathing in fur coats in puddles which used to be glaciers.

Mohamed Cheriet, a green IT expert and professor in the engineering and automation department at Montreal’s Ecole de Technologie Superieure (ETS), told the local press  that while the internet has long promised a more efficient and greener world, this explosion of data has turned the Internet into one of the planet’s fastest-growing sources of carbon emissions.

Apparently the internet consumes two to three per cent of the world’s electricity making it ahead of India and Germany in terms of power needs.

Cheriet said that the internet pollutes, but people don’t understand why it pollutes. It’s very, very power-hungry, and we have to reduce its carbon footprint.

Most of the power is being eaten by server farms or data centres that form the backbone of the Internet.

Apple’s 46,000-square-metre iDataCenter, set to open in North Carolina this spring will use an estimated 100 megawatts of power which is the same as 100,000 homes, he said.

Greenpeace has pointed out that the electricity being used in North Caroline is dirty and based entirely on coal.

Apple will not be the only smelly, coal powered outfit. Google also has a huge data centre in the state.