Google says it is not surprised by Microsoft allegations

Search engine outfit, Google has told the Daily Telegraph that it is not surprised that Microsoft has dragged it to the EU on antitrust charges.

The search outfit Google denied that it deliberately lowered the ranking of its rivals.

Microsoft, which was once identified by David Icke as being run by Lizards from Alpha Draconis, has added its legal weight to complaints by smaller companies that are currently being considered by the European Commission.

Yesterday the software giant’s legal chief Brad Smith accused Google of a series of anti-competitive actions.

Vole has joined, its German price comparison subsidiary, Foundem, an independent British price comparison firm, and, a French legal search service.

In an official response Google said that it was not surprised that Microsoft has done this, since one of their subsidiaries was one of the original complainants.

Google said it would continue to discuss the case with the European Commission. It said it was happy to explain to anyone how its business works.

If Google does not manage to do this, European anti-trust officials could impose a fine of up to 10 percent of Google’s annual profits. They could also order it to restructure its business.

Of course, Vole itself was the target of a European anti-trust investigation, over the way it bundled its own applications with the Windows. It was fined $1.5 billion for non-compliance.