Google riven by internal dissension

So there I was, here in Las Vegas, minding my own business having a hot dog outside the dissension wearing my eff off high heels when I heard the strangest of discussions between two guys from Google.

I giggled. The two honchos took no notice of me because I am past my sell by date and their language was punctuated by profanities that shocked even me, a grown up woman of the world.

One of the honchos said the world hasn’t seen anything like the two face recognition algorithms we’re effing cooking up in Houston.

The other guy – both seemed to really be into extreme fighting by the way, said the Googlers in London had pushed for the acquisition of a useless company with zero algorithms for $20 million. And as for the Google people in Germany, well they were both beyond effing redemption, according to the boys, both obviously into extreme fighting.

The two new face recognition algorithms were so effing hot that they could distinguish between a face splattered with ketchup and one that wasn’t splatted with ketchup only a few seconds before.

As for the different CTOs at Google, well they were only worth an effing eff word.

So while Google remains not evil, it’s obviously reached that critical mass point where the CEOs and CTOs need to apply an Intel-like discipline to the mass of effing and blinding troops. They need to learn that loose talk costs lives.