Google provides staff with servants

The search engine outfit Google has decided to splash out and give each of its staff servants.

Apparently the search engine outfit’s staff are so busy writing code to sniff your email addresses and wi-fi connection that they do not have enough time to scoop their dog’s own poop.

According to AP, Google has added to its list of employee perks by providing staff with servants that will do everything from picking up dinners to cleaning up dog poo.

Google has signed up to a company named TaskRabbit, which gives users access to an online job board where they can get “runners” to do “almost anything” at a price set by them.

The service is only available in the US and amongst the list of chores we have seen on the site are things like “help decorate our office for a celebration”, “pick-up dinners from Dream Dinners in San Jose” and “Poop patrol for small dogs”.

It seems that Google thought the idea would attract more stuff to work at its Googleplex. After riding out the recession and making staff cuts, Google needs to attract Silicon Valley’s brightest minds again. Obviously, your standard bright mind does not like to waste its time pooping small dog poo.

Google admitted that it had recently piloted the service for its employees in a few offices, but it has no plans to continue or extend this perk.”

It looks like the service was either too expensive or Google did not like the idea of having to “ask Jeeves” for anything.