Google plans fridge and microwave monopoly

Not satisfied with hovering its jackboot over the face of the internet, Google plans an interesting move further into the homes of the world, announcing something called Project Tungsten at a developer conference.  

Google fancies approaching the household appliances market and will integrate the lot with wireless technology and Android.

As part of the initiative, the company will be offering its own lightbulbs, thermostats and dishwashers, which will all communicate with each other as well as, presumably, Google. It’ll let Google know where your dishwasher is at all times and your dish-washing preferences… we guess.

The idea is you’ll be able to control the lot with tablets running on Android, rebranded as Android@home.  

What this essentially means is that the tablet will act as a remote control meaning you can cultivate that obesity you’ve been thinking about. Standing up? Not anymore. 

The Telegraph reports that eventually Google will introduce near-field communication so that a device will only have to touch a speaker to get specific songs playing.

Google wants to hop into bed with us, too: announcing future plans to integrate apps into items such as the alarm clock.

It has not yet announced the Google Toilet.