Google opens up on the Joy of Text

Search engine outfit Google has released command line software which will give control of some of YouTube, Blogger, Google Docs, Calender, and Contacts.

Google CL is based on Python and uses the Google Data Python client library to make Google Data API calls from the command line.

Google claims that it can support Blogger, Picasa, YouTube, Google Docs, Contacts, and Calendar.

For those who think that a GUI is for those who cannot really use a computer, the CL means that they can update blogs and tinker with an online calander without having to lower their standards by touching a low brow GUI interface.

For example you could just open the command line and type $ google calendar add “Invade Poland 15:00”

The open source Google CL is hosted on Google Code and can be seen here.

As you might guess, the CL is expected to be a big hit with Linux fans who would use a command prompt to go to the bog or start their cars if they could. Google is giving the software a Linux .deb package and a tar archive for download.