Google nabs Angstro for future Facebook contender

Google has made another move which we’re sure it thinks will help it oust the likes of Facebook from the social media throne. It has bought out TechCrunch 50 finalist start-up Angstro. 

Angstro offers interesting ideas linked in with search. One of its operating technologies, now in closed beta, is called Noteworthy News which delivers realtime news on people or companies and gets posted to professional networks by way of an alert. CEO Rohit Khare says in a bog post called “Our work here is done” that there is a struggle for open and interoperable social networks and he is looking forward to working on this in his role at Google.

In his post he says that the beginning of Noteworthy News was acting on the vagueness of Google Alert when trying to set a feed up for old mate Adam Rifkin – results returned were usually of a film director of the same name, says Reuters. The idea was that Noteworthy News chisels off the irrelevant results and narrows things down a tad.

Other services from Angstro are and Disco Explorer. brings together feeds from all of a user’s networks and combines them into one address book.

Interestingly Disco Explorer refines and re-indexes things like social network status updates, posts, links and photographs allowing for easier and more relevant browsing of content.

At the moment the world + dog reckons that the social media service Google is working on will be called GoogleMe. Google already has experience in the social space with Orkut, particularly popular in South America but by no means a contender to Facebook’s number one spot in the West.

Recently Facebook trounced Google’s stronghold in the Indian social notworking space, pipping Orkut to the post to make top of the pops

Google also launched Buzz though the, er, buzz around it turned out to be more interesting than the anti-climactic final product. Its strategy with its latest project seems to be snapping up absolutely anything targeted to social media, search and indexing that could benefit – it’s serious about whatever’s in the pipeline.

Launching late doesn’t have to be a hindrance: Facebook annihilated MySpace because it was cleaner, quicker, more user friendly and basically better. If Google can do the same, Facebook could have a serious contender on its hands. 

Facebook has the dosh to keep going and keep improving, but Google’s got more. 

Financial terms were not disclosed. Judging from the smiley faces and jovial tone all over the Angstro blog we’re guessing it’s all cushty.