Google Maps reveals Israeli prank

Iranian officials are furious after Google Maps revealed an Israeli prank played on the country before the glorious revolution in 1979.

The Iran Air Headquarters was constructed by Israeli engineers before the 1979 Islamic Revolution when the two countries were a little more friendly.

No one really thought about the building until Google Maps satellite images revealed that the builders had painted a huge Star of David on the roof.

The Jerusalem Post wondered whether the symbol of Judaism had been added by “Israeli prankster architects” and Iranian media said government officials were furious that the country’s national airline should be “working under the Israeli symbol” for all those years.

Of course the fact that no one knew it was there seems to indicate that it probably did not magically alter the fortunes of the airline.

“It’s interesting that even 32 years after the victory of the revolution, this Zionist star symbol has yet to be removed from the building,” one Iranian site wrote. Only because no one could see it. We would think that it will be off the building the next time a Google satellite passes over, our guess is that it will be replaced by an image of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Mostafawi Mousawi Khomeini if there is enough room on the roof to fit his name in.

In another case, Israeli news site reported that in August there was outrage throughout Iran after hundreds of Stars of David were spotted on a dome in a main square in Tehran. The discovery was met with claims that “the Zionist regime is conquering Revolution Square”.

Google Maps has revealed all sorts of hidden statements since it started publishing satellite pictures. In 2007 the US Navy had to redesign its building in California after people discovered it was shaped like a swastika .