Google makes changes to search engine

Google has had a bit of a makeover today with a slew of new features and some subtle changes to how your search results are displayed to you.

The announcement came on the official Google blog, where Google details its latest steps in an attemps to help you find what you’re searching for. This is a follow-on from other changes it made over the past few years, including Universal Search, the Search Options panel, and Google Squared.

The biggest addition is a contextually-relevant left-hand navigation bar, where you can refine your searches to news, blogs, images, books, or just click “Everything” to pull the entire search results up. This navigation bar makes it much easier to narrow down the thousands of results.

This isn’t the only design change Google has made, however, as it has altered the Google logo and general colour palette of the website. The colours will be brighter and crisper and the logo will no longer have the shadow effect we have come to know on a daily basis.

The changes will be rolled out today across the globe.

A video showing the new Google in action can be seen below: