Google loses the Lincoln Memorial

 Search engine outfit Google’s mapping devision had a bit of a brain fart over the weekend and appeared to lose the Lincoln Memorial.

Worse than that it had replaced it with the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, which is half a mile south and infinitely less famous.

If you type in “Lincoln Memorial” into the regular Google search bar you get a number of listings related to the Lincoln Memorial, yet it has been showing a map of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial instead.

Now this is your run of the mill glitch, but it has got tin foil hat wearers’ knickers in a twist. Over the weekend conservative radio and TV host, or twit [i and a interchangeable] as we like to call such types in the UK, Glenn Beck is holding a controversial “non-political” rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

Beck’s rally was called the “Restoring Honor [sic]” rally and it was not clear who Honor was and quite why she needed restoration. It was also supposed to “pay tribute to America’s service personnel and other upstanding citizens who embody our nation’s founding principles of integrity, truth, and honor. [sic]”

Not surprisingly Sarah Palin was expected to host, platform tickets and moose stampedes permitting. However the rally coincided with the anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march on Washington and some feel that the day should be used doing something more important than having a bitch about Obama, deluded appeals to racism [patriotism? -ed] and all those other things the tea towel group bangs on about.

Because of the rally’s controversy the glitch in Google is being seen as an attempt by the liberal media to prevent people receiving the sort of knowledge that only Palin can impart.

After all, during the recession there are a lot of people who need to know how to keep a cop who tasers his own kid employed. The logic is that because Google was giving the wrong directions, millions of tea cake supporters who don’t know their arses from their elbows would turn up in front of the wrong dead president.

The Geographic Travels blog  thinks that is all sending a message to Glenn Beck and his tea timers to show that the search engines are boss. Beck hates Roosevelt and has gone on record saying he is glad Roosevelt’s dead. Which means Beck is observant and with it for a rich tea biscuit supporter.

Anyway Google assures us that it is all fixed now and some people managed to get to the rally and were suitably motivated to overthrow the evil king and stop drinking tea ever again.