Google lays into Apple's iPhone advertising plans

Apple has come under fire from Google after it announced plans to ban AdMob and Google’s advertising solutions on the iPhone.

The search giant said that if these plans were enforced the new coding would prohibit app developers from using AdMob and Google’s advertising solutions on the iPhone. It added that it would also make it harder to target ads and compete with Apple’s own ad network, iAd, which is set to launch July 1.

Omar Hamoui, AdMob’s founder and now a Google vice president, said this change threatened to “decrease – or even eliminate – revenue” that helps to support tens of thousands of developers.
“The terms hurt both large and small developers by severely limiting their choice of how best to make money.  And because advertising funds a huge number of free and low cost apps, these terms are bad for consumers as well,” he wrote in a blog post.

He said the the change was not good for either users or developers as competition was need to drive successful programs.  

“Artificial barriers to competition hurt users and developers and, in the long run, stall technological progress,” he added.

“Since I started AdMob in 2006, I have watched competition in mobile advertising help drive incredible growth and innovation in the overall ecosystem.  We’ve worked to help developers make money, regardless of platform – iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, Blackberry, Windows, and others. In the past four years, AdMob has helped tens of thousands of developers make money and build real businesses across multiple operating systems.”

He said Google would contact Apple to express its concerns about the impact of these terms.

This isn’t the first time Apple has stepped on another company’s toes. It’s been rowing with Adobe for a good few months now over its refusal to incorporate Flash in its products and apps.