Google launches eBooks and eBookstore

Google has launched its own e-book store which will initially put over three million digital titles at the hands of bookworms in the US.

Google eBooks and the Google eBookstore are now open, and that means both open to retail and open in approach, as Google wants almost any device to be compatible with the service, not just eReaders. So that includes tablets, smartphones, netbooks and laptops.

The e-books will come with a slew of interesting features, such as the ability to change the font, font size and line spacing. There will also be day and night reading modes, chapter and page selections, and it will remember which page of the book you were on when switching to a different device.

The service even works in the cloud with Google eBooks Web Reader, allowing access to ebooks on multiple devices from any location that has access to the web. Google is offering “unlimited e-books storage” for anyone interested in cloud reading.

Google is also releasing free apps for Android and Apple devices, which will make buying and reading books on smartphones and tablets even easier.

Google partnered with independent booksellers Powell’s and Alibris, as well as a number of members of the American Booksellers Association. There are over three million titles available to choose from, including classics, paid bestsellers, and popular books, and undoubtedly more will be added over time. A number of free titles are on offer as well as archive magazines.