Google hires Russians for "Irish jobs"

Redfaced Irish politicians are having to explain why they gave shedloads of tax breaks to the search engine Google.

When Google set up in Eire it was on the assumption that it would give the local IT graduates a job and solve unemployment. It all made the corporate tax rate of just 12.5 percent worthwhile.

However, Google now says that it’s being forced to hire Russian and Ukranian graduates to fill out jobs at its EMEA headquarters in Dublin because Irish grads aren’t up to much.

What is interesting is that Irish Central agrees saying that this is not the first time that it has heard such things.

Intel Ireland Chief Executive Éamonn Sinnott said it was necessary to transform Irish high-school so that they could get enough hi-tech grads out of its colleges to satisfy the demands of big industry players like Intel and Google.

At the moment students who don’t take higher level mathematics and sciences for the Leaving Certificate are prevented from entering into many of the scientific and numeracy-based courses the recruiters use to take graduates.

However the comments mean that the Irish government’s premise that it had a ‘young, skilled, educated work force’ are rubbish, particularly in comparison to India.

There are fears that the big companies will have to write the Irish experiment off as a bad idea and take their plants somewhere else.

Another problem for Ireland was pointed out by Google CEO Eric Schmidt who said that the country’s broadband is rubbish and it needed to get more businesses online.