Google has a trade publication

The world and its decrepit, wheezing old dog have been trumpeting up Google’s new magazine Think Quarterly following a report that got over-excited and then corrected itself.

Rather than a landmark leap into the world of publishing and news, Think Quarterly is more like a trade title for partners and staff, talking business intelligence and the like from friendly spokespeople to offer corporate approved insights into this and that.

This is not uncommon. Go to any trade show and you’ll find heaps of free trade mags, sometimes produced by industries and sometimes by companies, which have safe and tame articles squarely aimed at squares to quickly flick through and eventually recycle.

That’s what Think Quarterly is, kind of. The un-evil news elephant in the room claims Think Quarterly is a book, not a magazine. It talks about data and stuff like that.

Google has been quoted as saying it doesn’t want to specifically get into content creation – rather it manages and distributes content, for better or for worse.

The cover looks quite nice. Google has made no claims to Think Quarterly being anything other than a business title with a small dedicated and targeted circulation – though you can also view online – so reports that it “continues” its path on “world domination” are totally unfounded and blown out of proportion. Google never said this is a game-changing innovative paradigm-shifter.

While Think Quarterly is technically Google heading into publishing, it is as relevant to the Average Joe as Meat Trades Journal is to an educated cow.