Google grovels after Buzz stung by complaints

Software giant Google effectively admitted over the weekend that it had got things wrong, terribly wrong when it launched Buzz last week.

It’s been buzzed so much over default privacy settings that exposed people to the cold light of the internet day that it’s gone and changed them yet again.

In a bog post it said it will make more changes “based on all the feedback” it’s received.

The reason it introduced auto-following, it said, was so “that you wouldn’t have to manually peck out your social network from scratch”.

It’s now moving from its obviously daft auto-follow idea to an auto-suggest model, the bog entry said.  It doesn’t mean auto-suggestion, it just gives you the choice to click on people you might want to follow.

Google has also decided to disconnect auto attentions to Picasa web albums and Google Reader shared items.

The Buzz team obviously had a terrible week because it described it as “an exciting and challenging” week.

And finally, the grovel. “We’re very sorry for the concern we’ve caused and have been working hard ever since to improve things based on your feedback,” the bog said. Feedback equals complaints.