Google encrypts 97 per cent of YouTube traffic

encryptionSearch engine outfit Google has managed to shift 97 per cent of YouTube traffic to the encrypted https standard.

That is pretty quick, given that Google only seriously started to highlighted the use of HTTPS to encrypt connections between its users’ devices and its servers at the beginning of the year.

Google said that its Global Cache content delivery network is able to handle encrypted connections relatively easily, in large parts because hardware acceleration for AES, the algorithm at the core of the HTTPS protocol, is now ubiquitous.

It thinks that HTTPS connections has improved the user experience on YouTube.

“You watch YouTube videos on everything from flip phones to smart TVs. We A/B tested HTTPS on every device to ensure that users would not be negatively impacted. We found that HTTPS improved quality of experience on most clients: by ensuring content integrity, we virtually eliminated many types of streaming errors,” a SpokesGoogle said.

YouTube can’t hit 100 percent yet because it appears on so many different devices. Over time, though, Google will phase out insecure connections to YouTube, just like it has done with Gmail.