Google disables Realtime search

Seach engine outfit Google is starting to get a little obsessed that its social notworking site Google+ might overturn its business model completely.

The outfit has shut off its incredibly useful Realtime search function, which is admittedly still in beta, while it finds a way to integrate Google+ with it.

Realtime allows users to find real-time updates from Twitter, Facebook, FriendFeed and other social networking sites. At the moment it just does not work with Google+.

Gabriel Stricker, a Google spokesman, told AP that the search engine wants Google+ information lined up with other Realtime data and needs to switch it off to do it.

Google+ is the search giant’s latest stab at entering the social networking segment of the internet. The project was unveiled last week and lets users share things with small groups of people.

However, the act of turning off a popular service so it can be adapted to a risky new product is a little unusual. It proves that Google thinks its service can knock out Facebook and it is giving its services priority to do so.