Google crawls and creeps everywhere

Google has launched its own “status search”.  It seems to have crawled sites such as Twitter to grab all the information “we need” in a handy format. So you can search for a particular topic or tag back in the history of Tweets.

Sounds quite good doesn’t it? Well it certainly seems better than the failing Google Wave and Google Buzz. A search facility combined with a simple interface and a nice barchart based on keywords makes the system very user friendly.

This comes on the same day as the W3C gives details of its “Provenance on the Web” group, which will provide the theory and hopefully the practical behind trust via attribution. Why is this relevant to the work that Google has been doing? Well because the Google Status Search could provide a beacon for originality –  it can answer the question “who first said X?”

Readers in the UK might be interested in finding out who has been saying what about the various political parties. It is a hot topic here at the moment. Search for the Liberal Democrats, Labour,  or the Conservatives.

Dylan Casey of Google said “All of us are just beginning to understand the many ways real-time information and short-form web content will be useful in the future, and we think being able to make use of historical information is an important part of that”.

Time is crucial.