Google Chrome is killing Firefox

Google’s Chrome browser is about to kill off Firefox as the second-most-popular browser, according to one Web statistics firm.

Beancounters at StatCounter, which tracks browser usage using the analytics tools it offers websites, claimed that Chrome will pass Firefox to take the No. 2 spot behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) by December.

Chrome’s global average user share for September was 23.6 percent, while Firebadger stood at 26.8 percent. Internet Exploder was at 41.7 percent.

StatCounter says that the rise of Chrome had been meteoric. It has gained eight percentage points since January 2011, representing a 50 per cent increase.

What is perhaps surprising is that the growth has been at the expense of Firefox and IE which have both dropped four percentage points.

The figures are perhaps not what the Industry sees as significant. StatCounter is not the universally acknowledged standard for browser use and many prefer Net Applications numbers.

Earlier this year Net Applications predicted that Chrome could have a 17.8 percent share by the end of 2011, short of Firefox’s projected 22.3 percent. But if the pace of change lasts, Chrome should pass Firefox on Net Applications’ chart by mid-2012.

Not as exciting as StatCounter, but the new figures do indicate that Chrome is growing significantly and faster than many expected and if the other two do not act quickly they could be also rans.