Google carries on war with China

Hopes that the search engine Google would try to butter up the Chinese and make a bit of dosh behind the Bamboo Curtain have been dashed.

A Google China spokesman indicated that there would never be any surrender in China and called for the world to spurn the nation as if it were a rabid dog, or a James Blunt single.

John Liu, Google’s Global Vice President of Greater China Sales and Operations told an industry gathering that China’s massive internet market should not be singled out and treated differently from other internet markets in the world.

Google first entered China in 2006 after making concessions to China to self-censor politically sensitive keywords from its search results. But it has come to the conclusion that buttering the country’s mandarins up is a bad thing.

He said that China should be part of the global market. Companies should not single out one market and say that things should be different.

Foreign internet firms have a hard time in China because the rules keep shifting and then there is the strange internet censorship thing.

Liu saw things as going well for China but said that there was no change in attitude toward the country since Google’s co-founder Larry Page became its new chief executive earlier this year.

So it looks like the war will continue with Google pretty likely to be pushed back to the former British colony of Hong Kong, where things are still a bit freer. Funny how history repeats itself.

A couple of weeks ago it was the Chinese moaning about Google doing evil