Google cans a heap of non-renewable projects

Over-arching search Behemoth Google is willing to risk it for a frisket by starting all sorts of plans that never reach completion.  In that respect it is a little like Intel, which has buried so many projects so well that finding the shallow graves is hard, in hindsight.

Now, in a bog post, Google has thrown a bunch of faggots into the funeral pyre, all in aid, according to Urs Holzle, a senior VP, “to build a truly beautiful Google user experience”.

Here are the latest victims. 

  1. Google Bookmarks List. Dead.
  2. Google Friend Connect. Dead.
  3. Google Gears. Dead.
  4. Google Search Timeline. Dead.
  5. Google Wave. Already dead. Now successully buried six feet under.
  6. Knol. Terminally sick, dead next year.
  7. Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal. Urs says that other people can do better that it can.

Are these defeats for Google? Heck no. They are triumphs as it seeks to build a truly beautiful Google user experience.