Google Buzz slammed over its privacy settings

Google’s ‘Facebook/Twitter competitor’ Google Buzz has met with some harsh criticism over security after only a day and a half.

Launched yesterday, Google Buzz allows you to post status updates to your contacts and comment on others. However the new function has met with strong criticism as your contacts can see who else you are speaking with.

Also, when you first log in to Google Buzz, it’ll automatically set you up with followers and people to follow, based on who you email most on Gmail.

This means that if you are talking with people you shouldn’t be, such as divorce lawyers, tabloid journalists or your mistress, then all your contacts can see. This can be changed under users profile settings, but not many will know how to do this.

Many have also pointed out that Google Buzz is a pretty close copy of features already available in Yahoo’s e-mail service, which is more popular than Gmail.