Google Buzz gets buzz bombed by feds

A senior official at the Federal Trade Commission has hit out at Google for exposing peoples’ data to all and sundry when it launched Buzz.

The Wall Street Journal reported that FTC commissioner Paula Harbour described the launch of Google Buzz without adequate security as an irresponsible act. People, she continued, looked to large corporations to set a lead but that’s not something that Google did when it introduced Buzz in February.

Buzz by default pulled in heaps of users using details in their Google Gmail accounts. People who signed up for Google’s mail system hardly expected the thing to turn into a social networking tool rather than a plain bread and butter workaday tool.

Google faced a flurry of complaints from privacy organisations and individuals when it introduced Buzz to an unsuspecting world. Someone at the organisation had obviously not really thought things through.

Google commented on the remarks by Harbour to the Wall Street Journal. A rep said that Google moved fast to address users’ concerns and it would keep its door open to comments and suggestions people made about its products.