Google buries the hatchet with writers

Google has buried its legal hatchet with a writing group which has the unfortunate name of the Society Men of Letters of France.  

Anything to do with men and French letters should have garnered a lot more attention in the press, except in Italy, but for some reason this dispute has not attracted much attention.

The French Letters have been arguing with Google since 2006 over the publishing of snippets of books on the internet, and the fact that the Americans think cheeseburgers are food.

In a post-deal joint statement the two said their agreement was reached to promote initiatives in favour of digital books’ development and create diversity, in compliance with copyrights.

According to Reuters, French Letters represents 6,000 French and French speaking authors and pays special attention to copyrights with regard to new technological developments.

It claimed that the agreement would protect their rights on the internet.