Google boss says politics is shocking

Prime Googler Eric Schmidt thinks that the US politics is a nightmare with policy being written by powerful lobby groups.

Speaking to the Washington Ideas Forum, Schmidt said that the average American doesn’t realise how much the laws are written by lobbyists.

He said you could tell if it was the lobby groups writing the laws, because it is only the companies that are benefiting from the laws that are written.

He said it was shocking to see how hard it is to take on any lobby group. Since his outfit is one of the biggest corporations in America and spends a fortune on lobbyists he should know what he is talking about.

Schmidt said that Google was just one of thousands of outfits doing this. Oh yes it has spent $10 million on trying to influence Congress since 2007. It is also allied itself with the King of Lobbyists Verizon over net neutrality rules.

However Schmidt carried on saying that technology was fundamentally disruptive. People are always shocked at how real disruption occurs and how much change can occur through empowerment.

Armed with mobile phones, people could bring about changes simply by asking questions, he said.

Of course that would mean that control of power will be based on those who shout the loudest, and since those who do so usually want things like death penalties and nuking of annoying countries and compulsory Christian studies in public schools that could equally be a bad thing.