Google boss admits he cocked up

The Prince Phillip of IT, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has been in touch over our report of his comments about Google Street View.

TechEye reported that Schmidt had told hacks that if people did not like Google’s Street View snapping pictures of their homes they could jolly well move.

It was similar to another comment which said that if people did not like what Google searches were turning up on them they could jolly well change their names.

However, Eric tells us he “misspoke” when he urged people who didn’t like Google’s Street View product to simply move.

“As you can see from the unedited interview, my comments were made during a fairly long back and forth on privacy. I clearly misspoke. If you are worried about Street View and want your house removed please contact Google and we will remove it,” he said.

We are glad he cleared that up although we are not sure that we want Google to move our house. The comments were made on CNN’s “Parker Spitzer” Friday afternoon. The full interview lasted about 25 minutes and was hacked to three minutes. The comments never made it to air.

A Google spokesperson later said that Schmidt was trying to make the point that the “Street View service provides only a static picture in time, and doesn’t provide real-time imagery or provide any information about where people are.”

Still at least he is not complaining that his data centres looked like they were “wired by an Indian”, or told Google contractors in China that if they stayed there too long they would all get “slitty-eyed”. But only British royalty can do that and, besides, Schmidt is an honourable man.