Google, Bing refuse to discuss MC Hammer

Despite Prince’s proclamation that the internet may be on its last legs, there is one eighties pop star who reckons there might well be a future in this web malarkey after all.

MC Hammer, as you may have seen, is eyeing up Web 3.0 with a search engine called WireDoo. It seems that the big names don’t want to talk about it. 

Google and Microsoft’s Bing, like most in IT, will tell you they take the competition seriously. Hammer is placing his idea directly against the major players, but it appears that they either can’t, or won’t, touch this.

The spectacularly pantalooned rapper said he doesn’t seek to reinvent search but could “make it better”, and he believes that a “relationship” search rather than Google’s keyword search is the way forward. You can sign up for Beta testing here.

Of course Hammer, real name Stanley Kirk Burrell, will have to fight hard if he wants to knock Google off its perch. 

Regardless, they both refused to open a dialogue about the “Can’t Touch This” hit artist’s idea.

Google’s frosty response was: “We don’t want to commment on competitors. You should be asking them question and not us.”

While Microsoft’s Bing softened the blow, the end result was the same: “Unfortunately, we are unable to provide comment on this.”