Google admits Gmail is too slow

Google has admitted that its Gmail service is far too slow at a panel discussion at the SXSWi festival in Austin, Texas.

Google’s Senior Staff Software Engineer, John Perlow asked the audience at the “Behind the Scenes of Gmail” to lift their hands if they had felt the webmail service was too slow.

The news site TechCrunch said that at that point “a solid number” of people raised their hands.

The problem appears to be for ‘power users’ who have hundreds of thousands of emails and are approaching 100 percent capacity on their inbox. Perlow said that a solution to the slowness had been found and “we are fixing it,” although he didn’t give any timeframe when it might be complete.

Users who switching between a regular Google account and a Google Apps account or have content saved across multiple accounts might also have their frustration alleviated soon, PocketLint reports.

The panel hinted that there might soon be a way to link accounts in the future and agreed that having to organise information saved over multiple accounts was something that irritated them too. Some sites are reading that this means that the developers might give this priority.  

SxSWi, part of the SXSW festival will finish tomorrow, with the SxSW Music festival continuing until 21st March.