Google accidentally wipes out a chunk of internet's kitten videos

Google has blundered, banning a bunch of its YouTube users this week for absolutely no reason at all.

The suspensions were revealed by “Liz” at YouTube Support, who said that people have complained about their accounts being banned despite the fact that there were no strikes against those accounts and no grounds for suspension. Other than tedious comments and videos which are legion.

She said that the bans were made “in error”, but did not state what exactly went wrong on Google’s end. Potentially the problem was related to Google’s new DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) compliance rules, which means Google will respond to copyright infringement allegations more swiftly with removals and bans. Remember when Prince sued a baby and its mum for infringing copyrights? An eagle eye is needed.

While the exact reasoning behind the suspensions remains unknown, Google said that it has reinstated the affected accounts. It has also restored most of the videos it has deleted as part of the cock up.

However, not everyone who was wrongly banned got all their videos back, so Google has asked them to contact YouTube Support with their username in order to try to restore the lost videos.