GoDaddy already uses SOPA

The US ISP GoDaddy, which initially supported the controversial Stop Online Piracy Act before changing its mind as its users left in droves, might have a reason for liking strange law.

According to the owner of, GoDaddy has been operating in the spirit of SOPA for a while.

One of the crucial parts of SOPA is if anyone contacts the ISP to complain that there is copyrighted material on the site, the ISP has to shut it down.

David Rusenko, co-founder of website hosting service, told Boing Boing how GoDaddy wiped his domain name records because a user contacted them to complain about the site.

GoDaddy told them that since they had received a complaint about the content of a site, and that they were removing the DNS entries for because of it.

The complaint was from a local business who was upset about a bad review of, er… itself.

Rusenko said he transferred the domain away from GoDaddy to prevent it from happening again.

But what is scary is that if GoDaddy’s policy was to shutter domains on the basis of one complaint what will happen if the policy becomes part of US law.

Fortunately TechEye has its servers in a nominally democratic country, but if we were based in the US, Apple, or its fanboys upset about something we wrote would complain to the ISP who will shut the site down. There would be no trial, just spectral evidence. Just like they did in Salem.