Germans flock to online games

German industry group Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW, Federal Association of Digital Business) says a steadily increasing number of Germans are flocking to the web to play browser games. Data from a survey states the amount of online gamers grew by about a third in the last year.

Each third online gamer shells out 28 euro per month for his or her hobby, whereas five percent spend 75 euro. Other good news for game portals is that a third of the people playing browser games in Germany actually click on ads, whereas 50 percent at least notice them.

Browser games aren’t the exclusive domain of men – women make up a third of the gamers. All in all, forty percent play games on a daily basis, around 33% play two hours a day. Half of all users enjoy playing together with other people, a third play multiplayer as well as single player games. Strategy and puzzle games are the most popular, as are action adventures.

All in all, 7.500 gamers were questioned on different gaming portals, such as Yahoo games,, and