Germans break up by SMS, email

A new survey from German social research outfit Forsa states three million Germans have opted for the easy way out and ended a relationship simply by sending an email or a text message at least once in their lives.

However, 92 percent of the population apparently disapproves of such behaviour. Having a chat with or without throwing vases and dishes around still seems to be the most popular way of saying “auf Wiedersehen” to an about-to-be-former partner.

Close to two-thirds of survey participants have said goodbye to their former loved one face to face in real life, whereas one in ten put his or her better half on the single market by means of a handwritten letter.

The easy opt-out function is mostly used by teenagers, despite 99 percent of youths aged 14 to 19 claiming they would never do such a heartless thing. In reality, one in seven teenagers actually did use digital means of communications to declare they weren’t interested in talking, snogging, hugging and kerflumping their girl or boyfriend anymore.

If the survey is to be believed, even two percent of old people over 60 years of age have used their mobile phone or PC to put an end to their relationship. On top of it all, there apparently is no noteworthy difference in behaviour between the sexes – the postmodern man is just as cruel as his female counterpart.

Forsa interviewed 1001 participants over 14 years of age, which was conducted as part of German industry association Bitkom’s (Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media) Webmonitor survey. The results are extrapolated to the entire population – asking a few more people might have painted a different picture.