German Wikileaks speaker steps down

Wikileaks‘ German speaker Daniel Schmitt has stepped down after squabbles with head honcho Julian Assange, reports news magazine Der Spiegel. Schmitt told Der Spiegel how the hacktivists behind the Pentagon’s favourite website were horribly stressed in the last couple of months and that no one seems to have learned from mistakes, as no one admitted to doing something stupid. He also said a sense of mutual trust has gone down the drain.

Schmitt’s main point of criticism is that Wikileaks has been concentrating on large projects, such as the release of the Afghan War Diaries, instead of prepping and releasing smaller leaks concerning single countries. Julian Assange however reacted with a syntax error to Schmitt’s input, saying Schmitt were not doing as he was told and becoming disloyal to the project. Schmitt said he stepped down after the spat, adding other members were also rather miffed and my say goodbye to Wikileaks themselves.

Schmitt also revealed his proper name, which is Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The use of a pseudonym was to prevent any fall-out from raining down on his friends and family, or Pentagon employees ringingthe doorbell of his flat share and submitting him and his flatmates to a full cavity search to see if they were hiding any more documents.

Shortly after hitting the news, Wikileaks twittered the Spiegel’s reports were misleading, as Daniel Schmitt had been suspended from active duty a month ago. Whatever the case, perhaps Wikileaks’ members ought to resort to democratically electing its heads and voting on what to release in order to prevent any further bother in the future.